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Specifications Submission

The submission of your specifications requires the support of our Marketing Advisor.

If you are new customer, please leave us a message from our contact page

Please indicate the first and last name of our commercial advisor who will accompany you during your subscription to our e-commerce service. If you want to subscribe to our service without being accompanied by a member of our local advisor team, please write this : "I trust Web2Advisor".
Our loyalty program is evolving to increasingly reward our loyal customers on annual subscriptions only. A minimum 3-years subscription requires a 25% reduction per year. The subscription concerns the technical and editorial monitoring of the site during a specified period.
Enter the trade name of your store or company
Ex : Love Your Imperfections
Enter the full name of the manager of this company or store
Please enter your mobile phone number in full international format including a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, city code and local phone number.
Send us the link of your messenger or the URL of your facebook profile
Enter your billing address
Enter your national ID card number
Please select the main language of your website. The content of this form should be written in the language you have chosen for your website.
A showcase site is a website that boils down to the presentation of a company, an organization, a product, etc. It is opposed to the merchant site or the online store which offer, for their part, the possibility of carrying out online transactions.
Check the list of pages you want to create on your website.
Additional pages are separated by commas.
The primary purpose of your about page is to explain what you do, what your business is. Except that most of the time, this page is made up of more or less digestible texts roughly summarizing your activity and the people who work there, and that is the mistake. If you think of your about page as a marketing tool, you will find that it can make you stand out more than you think.
Please describe in detail all of your services and products. You need to answer these questions: What are the advantages of your services over the competition? How to guarantee your customers? How to retain your customers?
For your protection and to protection your customers, you must establish the general terms and conditions to use your products and services.
A section that groups together the answers to the most frequently asked questions by your customers.
List the content of each added page
Please enter the list of your products categories by line
Please enter two competing sites to strengthen your marketing competitiveness.
Please detail your specific needs if they exist.
Please enter the address of your public page.
Please enter the address of your twitter page.
Please enter the address of your instagram page.
Please enter the address of your linkedin page.
Please enter your website or blog
Your business logo offer more than just visual identification: it also give customers an idea of the character and values of your business. Create or reproduce logo requires an additional quote.
Please send us the link to your logo (JPG or PNG or SVG) if it exists. To do this you must upload your logo on the site ( to have the download link.
Your business card is a fast, affordable and effective way to promote your ecommerce business. Create a new business card requires an additional quote.
Making a graphic brochure to promote your ecommerce website is a complement to local advertising because it can be distributed in various public establishments. We just do the graphic design. Adding this service requires an additional quote.
Graphic design for social media consists in styling with creativity each of your pages or publication - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for example - in coherence with the graphic charter of your brand. Adding this service requires an additional quote.
This is the most attractive way to promote your products in social media. Please see our promotional videos demos. Adding this service requires an additional quote.
The essential difference between wholesale and retail is that the former responds to a (business-to-business) model and the latter to a (business-to-consumer) model. The DIAMOND and SILVER packs uses the B2C model by default, but we can evolve to a B2B model by giving the supplier the possibility to provide their business partners with wholesale prices for their product line. Choosing the B2B Model requires an additional quote.
Please see our templates demos at the top before selecting. The choice of your theme will be adapted to your brand image.
Please select your megamenu style.
A responsive site adapts to any screen resolution (Smart TV, PC, Tablet, Mobile).
For the management of your online orders we use the Woocommerce solution coupled with WordPress.
Online payment modules to install on your ecommerce site. Paypal is the only default online payment service for Woocommerce. Adding others online payment services requires an additional quote.
If you are doing your own e-commerce, you know how important delivery is. It represents both a significant expense item and a real challenge for customer satisfaction. A late or damaged package and you will be singled out. This is why it is essential to work with a reliable carrier, to ensure a quality service and neat the customer relationship from start to finish.
We can integrate the statistical tool of Google into your administrator interface because it provides the graphical and quantified evolution of the audience of your site, the reports of Google Analytics also indicate how visitors navigate on your site, what they there are doing and how they got there. This service is included in the DIAMOND pack.
A blog is a set of articles categorized. It is intended for talented experts who want to share their knowledge through good quality articles. Be careful, Google improves your rankings if you give your readers content in gold (your own content). This service is included in the DIAMOND pack.
Editorial is content that allows visitors to have qualitative and up-to-date information on a subject, product or news. Your editorial can have 3 main types of objectives: inform, promote, or convert. Outsourcing this service requires an additional quote.
Photo clipping product consists of modifying a background or extracting an object to be compatible with website template. To be more precise, this is to crop photos and change their background. It is a process that requires experience because the mastery of certain tools is essential. Outsourcing this service requires an additional quote.
This is the daily update of your content on the website (pages, articles, product sheets, etc.). Outsourcing this service requires an additional quote.
If your visitors are located in Europe or Africa, the best choice would be France. If your visitors are North American or Latin American, the logical choice would be Canada. For Asia, we recommend Canada as well.
BASIC hosting is used for simple sites in HTML version. For the SILVER Pack you have a configuration server from (1 CPU | 1 GB RAM | 1 MBs I / O) and that of the DIAMOND Pack from (2 CPU | 4 GB RAM | 4 MBs I / O). The server resources increase according to the number of traffic on your site and therefore an additional estimate will be added to your annual fee.
You must choose a domain name that is not reserved. We will validate the availability together. Note: (.tld) is a generic extension of a domain name because it can be (.com, .fr, .ch, .net, .tn, etc.).
Do not confuse between HTTP and HTTPS. The latter secures your pages and adds a padlock next to the URL of your site, which proves that your site is a trusted site. Here is an example: ( https: //www.mycompany.tld)
Please enter the list of your professional email (@mycompany.tld) that you want to create for your business. Emails must be separated by commas.
To access your inbox, you can use webmail or Outlook software or mobile application.
Including a professional email signature for emails sent to your customers, prospects and even to your partners helps give great value to the message you are trying to convey. Without an email signature that names your company, your recipient may not pay special attention to your message, and in some cases may even miss the fact that the message originated from you. An email signature makes your email look more professional.
This is the annual cost of web hosting and technical support with a maintenance contract.
Our team is happy to advise and assist you until 5 days a week. For any question or technical problem, we recommend that you open a ticket from your Dashboard (response within the working day). You can also contact us on our contact page
Consists of analyzing security vulnerabilities after each update of a system module. To do this, we are implementing a set of actions to ensure continuity of service : Site hosting monitoring (monitoring), Monitoring the status of the IP sending emails, Regular backup of the site (database and files), Update of the CMS core, Update of add-ons, Detection of dead links, Security updates, Evolution advice. The DIAMOND Pack allows preventive maintenance at 2 times / month.
It is the set of actions that it is necessary to perform when a malfunction is detected on the site and to put it back into service. The implementation of a preventive maintenance policy does not guarantee preventing 100% of problems and it is sometimes necessary to intervene to correct problems related, for example: Improper use of the site by the manager, an incompatible module or functionality, a bug resulting from an update, a linked service (API, Webservice ) which no longer exists and must be replaced.. The DIAMOND Pack allows corrective maintenance at 2 times / month.
It meets the needs for functional and technical evolutions of the site at 1 times /month.
Basic Organic Search is about adding your company's name in Google's search results. But, Advanced Organic Search is the set of advanced optimization techniques so that your site is visible by optimization keywords on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Adding the Advanced Organic Search service requires an additional quote.
Paid search focuses on paid rankings. It allows users to pay for a premium place in search results with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Adding the Paid Rankings Service requires an additional quote.
We offer social advertising for companies which represents the process of creating and deploying clickable ads to reach a target audience through social media platforms, messaging apps, news feeds and even apps and outside websites. Businesses use social advertising campaigns to build brand awareness, generate leads, and / or capture sales revenue. Outsourcing this service requires an additional quote.
Email marketing is a pillar of the digital marketing strategy and the most important direct marketing channel with an estimated ROI of 3800%. We offer you the design of several templates for your email marketing. Adding this service requires an additional quote.
Email marketing campaign is about informing and retaining a base of contacts interested in your products or services and generating sales by encouraging them to visit specific pages on your site. We recommend to use SendinBlue for your email marketing campaign. Outsourcing this service requires an additional quote.
SMS marketing consists of sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages via text messages (sms). We recommend using the tool SMSpartner or SendinBlue for your SMS marketing campaign. Outsourcing this service requires an additional quote.
Target audience helps understand the behavior of your target customers on social media. Along with target audience, your ads campaign will only reach people who are interested in your services and products to save your expenses and increase the conversion rate of your prospects to customers. Adding this service requires an additional quote.